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9th November @ Mercury Lounge w/ Young Man

217 E Houston Street.

Doors open at 6pm.

SD on at 7pm 

Early show


18th November @ Allentown Brew works

812 W. Hamilton Street

Allentown PA

Doors open at 9pm

SD on at 11.30pm


14th December @ The Mercury Lounge w/ Mon Khmer

Doors open at 7.30

SD on at 10pm.

xmas party!


some days are harder than others

What to do in those days?

Hot shower.

Good Food. 


Turn off phone.

Turn off computer.

Read a good book, let the mind re-set itself.

That’s what I say.

just in case you have not seen……..

I miss Croatia today.

You can’t really go past the music with this video…  - I’m sure sometimes business men have this kind of music in their heads before a big presentation …. the motivational music, the beam me up scotty type music…. and then just when it gets good it ends!

studies for tanya